Erosion Control Manassas

Erosion is the gradual displacement of soil and rock due to water, wind, or other factors. After enough time, it will affect your landscape to the point where water and soil will easily shift around, making the ground unstable. It will also loosen the soil, making it easier for water to flow through it. As a result, erosion can eventually lead to landslides and flooding, potentially damaging your home and property.

Kent companies is a certified land disturber, preventing moderate erosion with our erosion control services.

Our prevention methods include:

  • Silt fences & Super-silt fences are designed to keep sediment in place within the perimeter of the fencing. While silt fences are usually made of synthetic filter fabric connected between a number of stakes, Super-silt fences have the added security of a chain-link or wire-mesh fence, providing increased strength against wind, rain, and other aspects of the elements.
  • Berms are graded strips of leveled land that reduce the rate of surface runoff by slowing the speed of water flowing over topsoil. Not only do these make for an interesting appearance in your landscaping, but they can protect your home from water damage as well.
  • Drain/dike diversions
    • These help direct the flow of water in homes that are near rivers, ponds, and streams.

For assistance in erosion control solutions, contact our team at Kent of Manassas.