Areas We Serve

Northern Virginia

The metropolitan area of Northern Virginia is constantly growing from year to year. Whether it is new housing developments and shopping centers or business complexes and data centers, there is always some type of construction going on. Here at Kent companies, we provide services which span several stages of the construction process. Learn more about our services in Northern Virginia.

Richmond VA

Compact with rich American history, Richmond is one of oldest cities in America dating back to times of the Civil War and the American Revolution. Today those historic sites are still intact, but now resembles a concrete jungle. With a mixture of residential neighborhoods, local businesses, and shopping centers Kent companies can handle your excavation, paving, and concrete recovery needs. Learn more about our services in Richmond, VA.

Washington DC

As our nation’s capital, Washington DC is home to some of the most valuable, and most recognizable structures in the country. With some buildings dating back to the 1700’s, they are frequently in need of concrete repair and foundation re-stabilization. With Kent Companies, our excavating, paving, and concrete washout teams take the time and care with each project we are assigned. Learn more about our services in Washington DC.

Fairfax VA

Fairfax maintains proximity to Washington D.C. while offering prime real estate at a much lower cost than those suburbs located closer to the Nation’s capital. The namesake of Fairfax County is home to many restaurants, shops, and parks. Located right off Route 66, Washington D.C. is an easy commute from Fairfax, which is why the area attracts so many residents that work in D.C. We provide a variety of residential excavation, paving, and concrete services. Learn more about our services in Fairfax, VA.

Tysons VA

Tysons is a leading example of progress and development that continues to find innovative ways to grow. With Tysons Corner Center at its heart, businesses thrive in and near the high-traffic mall. At Kent, we provide a variety of both residential and commercial concrete solutions. Learn more about our services in Tysons, VA.

Fredericksburg VA

Fredericksburg is a prominent city in Virginia located right of off Interstate 95. Many residents commute to different areas of Northern Virginia for work but live in Fredericksburg for the lower cost of living. Due to the abundance of residential areas in Fredericksburg, many people need residential concrete services such as excavation or washouts. Kent has a variety of solutions that can help any client in the area. Learn more about our services in Fredericksburg, VA.