Driveway Paving Spotsylvania

Your driveway is one aspect of your home that may not distinguish itself at first but would immediately stand out once it’s changed. Repaving your driveway is the perfect example of making the biggest change while doing a minimal amount of work. Season after season will eventually degrade your driveway’s pavement, forming unattractive cracks and holes that will further reduce the curb appeal of your home, lowering its overall value to potential buyers, if you are looking to sell.

At Kent, we have expert technicians that will come to your home and promptly inspect the condition of your driveway. After determining what level of disrepair it is in, they may prescribe a simple resurfacing, which involve simply adding another layer of asphalt to the pavement, as only the surface of the pavement is damaged, not the core. If your driveway is in a worse condition, your Kent contractor will suggest a milling and paving service, in which the pavement is either partially or fully removed, then replaced with an entirely new section of asphalt paving. Additionally, we also provide repairs for smaller defects to your driveway as well.

We also provide more options for you to choose from. Kent contractors can install driveways made of other material than asphalt, such as concrete, brick or tile. Contact us at 540-321-4753 to schedule a driveway paving, or for any other inquiries you have about our services.