The company’s expertise is based on its decades of experience.


Residential excavation services including excavating, land clearing, backfilling, driveways, foundation drains and more.


A full-service paving company specializing in residential driveway installation and repairs.

Concrete Recovery

EPA compliant for concrete waste removal.


A family-owned and operated business

Washington DC’s most successful home builders have been depending on the KENT companies to support them for nearly 30 years. Owner, Joe Kent, his two sons; Josh and Kevin, his brother Eddie and his sister Stephanie, are part of the KENT team.  The company is dedicated to timely, budget-conscious service.


Kent Excavating, Inc.

Kent Excavating offers a complete package of residential excavation services including land clearing, backfilling, final grades and foundation drains. The firm works closely with the client at the commencement of a project to analyze and accurately estimate the job. Together, the company and client examine approaches to the project and carefully anticipate any technical challenges that might arise, such as drainage and grading issues.

Our List of Services is Comprehensive and Includes:

    – Land Clearing
    – Excavation
    – Grading
    – Demolition
    – Parking Lots
    – Driveways
    – Earth Moving
    – Hauling
    – Erosion Control
    – Draintile

Kent Paving, Inc.

Kent Paving is a full-service paving company specializing in residential driveway installation as well as repairs and “redos.”  Particular attention is given to pre-performance examination of such potential issues as soft ground and drainage.

Our services cover:

Parking Lots


Asphalt Repair

Top Coat

Remove and Replace

Kent Concrete Recovery, LLC

Entrepreneurs, concrete contractors, waste haulers, and landscapers consistently turn to Kent Concrete Recovery, LLC services, confident of the superior value their product lines provides.

Concrete washout pollutants are an environmental threat and a huge potential liability for builders. They contain exceedingly high pH levels and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandates that the resulting watery slurry be safely contained and the concrete pouring equipment be promptly rinsed and cleaned.  Kent Concrete Recovery, LLC uses OSHA approved products which ensure that these requirements are met expeditiously and efficiently.

Click here to see the EPA fact sheet.


Our customers say we are “The Best” because we are reliable and we get the job done right at a fair market price!